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Sunday, October 30, 2011

NATO brings Democracy to Libya - Thanks a lot


This message is to all GOD fearing Libyans who are currently resisting NATO war of aggression:

Please don't be upset when you watch this video.
Please don't be furious when you watch this video. Allah is the judge and in the end we will all be judged, the aggressors will be punished and the righteous will be rewarded.

Please watch the video and know that you're fighting against aggression, know that you are fighting against imperialism, know that you are fighting against colonialism.

Please watch the video and know that you're fighting terrorism. Know that NATO is the most powerful terrorist force in this world, and if Allah was not on your side you would not have managed to resist for one day, and yet after 7 months, the resistance continues.

Please know that the world is watching and supporting you, millions are protesting in NATO member states, to stop the terrorism which is inflicted upon your people on behalf of their people.

So once again, please don't be upset. Please don't be furious. Be patient, surely Allah is with those who stay patient.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Protesters in Denver fight back against regime crackdowns


US regime has started brutal crack down in Denver, attacking peaceful protesters with rubber bullets, flash grenades and tear gas. Protesters responded by throwing objects towards regime forces.

Protests were peaceful throughout the morning, but in the afternoon regime forces started chocking peaceful protesters and attacking them with bats.

Similar brutal crack downs in Oakland left one protester critically injured after he was shot in the face by regime forces. The nation wide peaceful protests have been going on for the past 4 weeks.

at least 16 more innocent Somalians killed by US terror Drone attacks


16 innocent Somalians murdered and 19 injured in a US terror attack, most of the victims were women and children. There has never been any condemnation from organization which pretends to care about civilian lives, including UN, UNHR, URW etc..

US terrorism has been immune of any condemnation or calls for justice, yet other nations have been attacked, destroyed and condemned based on false allegations of terrorism and Human Rights abuses. The hypocrisy continues while innocent women and children suffer.

at least 6 NATO Mercenaries killed in three different attacks


According to latest reports from Zengtena, at least 6 Mercenaries have been slaughtered when three separate checkpoints were attacked by Libyan Defense Forces in Ben Ghashir, Tajoura, and Route Souk El Karima.

This report is from the 29/oct/11.

Zionists continue using airstrikes against civilians in Gaza but yet no "no fly zone"


Another airstrike in Gaza left at least 6 civilians martyred in Gaza, but it didn't stop, later more loud explosions were heard and Zionist jets roaring above.

The hypocrisy and double standards continue, while we have hundred percent evidence that Zionist forces are using airstrikes against civilians, yet no "no fly zones" have ever been mentioned by the West, forget about sanctions. But when it came to Libya NATO terrorist alliance did not hesitate for one second to attack an independent nation using false and fabricated lies.

US which controls NATO is known for its hypocrisy and double standards world wide, not even Americans themselves deny this fact. Americans have become sick of the ruling regime therefore are protesting in masses as we speak, they have seen the product of terrorism and imperialism.

13 NATO occupying forces and contractors killed in Kabul


A powerful car bomb killed at least 4 NATO occupying forces and 9 contractors in Kabul. The Afghan resistance claimed responsibility and stated that around 700kg explosives were packed in the car when detonated near a NATO convoy.

The Libyan people and Defense Forces are eager to learn from the Afghan resistance movement which has managed to pin down NATO for the past 10 years. Thousands of NATO occupying forces have been slaughtered in Afghanistan and the numbers continue to rise. Recently the top German General in Afghanistan admitted that NATO is loosing the war of aggression against Afghanistan similar to many other occupying generals, but the corporate regimes which control NATO member states are continuing the bloodshed and occupation, causing the drainage of wealth and resources. Many analysts believe that the economic melt down and the recent mass uprisings are the products of the Afghan war.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Another roadside bomb kills 2 Mercenaries in Yefren


According to latest reports at least 2 NATO Mercenaries have been slaughtered when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb. The Libyan Defense Forces have separated in to small units and have started the guerrilla warfare throughout the nation. Previous reports indicated that teams of up to 30 are implementing sabotage missions.

Previously 8 NATO Mercenaries were killed similarly in the desert High Way which connects Sirte with Waddan.

A trial for world's biggest terrorists will begin soon



On November 19-22, 2011, the trial of George W Bush (former U.S. President) and Anthony L Blair (former British Prime Minister) will be held in Kuala Lumpur. This is the first time that war crimes charges will be heard against the two former heads of state in compliance with proper legal process.

Charges are being brought against the accused by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) following the due process of the law. The Commission, having received complaints from war victims in Iraq in 2009, proceeded to conduct a painstaking and an in-depth investigation for close to two years and in 2011, constituted formal charges on war crimes against Bush, Blair and their associates.

The Iraq invasion in 2003 and its occupation had resulted in the death of 1.4 million Iraqis. Countless others had endured torture and untold hardship. The cries of these victims have thus far gone unheeded by the international community. The fundamental human right to be heard has been denied to them.

As a result, the KLWCC had been established in 2008 to fill this void and act as a peoples’ initiative to provide an avenue for such victims to file their complaints and let them have their day in a court of law.

The first charge against George W Bush and Anthony L Blair is for Crimes Against Peace wherein:

The Accused persons had committed Crimes against Peace, in that the Accused persons planned, prepared and invaded the sovereign state of Iraq on 19 March 2003 in violation of the United Nations Charter and international law.

The second charge is for Crime of Torture and War Crimes against eight citizens of the United States and they are namely George W Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo. wherein:

The Accused persons had committed the Crime of Torture and War Crimes, in that: The Accused persons had wilfully participated in the formulation of executive orders and directives to exclude the applicability of all international conventions and laws, namely the Convention against Torture 1984, Geneva Convention III 1949, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Charter in relation to the war launched by the U.S. and others in Afghanistan (in 2001) and in Iraq (in March 2003); Additionally, and/or on the basis and in furtherance thereof, the Accused persons authorised, or connived in, the commission of acts of torture and cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment against victims in violation of international law, treaties and conventions including the Convention against Torture 1984 and the Geneva Conventions, including Geneva Convention III 1949.

The trial will be held before the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, which is constituted of imminent persons with legal qualifications.

The judges of the Tribunal, which is headed by retired Malaysian Federal Court judge Dato’ Abdul Kadir Sulaiman, also include other notable names such as Mr Alfred Lambremont Webre, a Yale graduate, who authored several books on politics, Dato’ Zakaria Yatim, retired Malaysian Federal Court judge, Tunku Sofiah Jewa, practising lawyer and author of numerous publications on International Law, Prof Salleh Buang, former Federal Counsel in the Attorney-General Chambers and prominent author, Prof Niloufer Bhagwat, an expert in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and International Law, and Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi, prominent academic and professor of law.

The Tribunal will adjudicate and evaluate the evidence presented as in any court of law. The judges of the Tribunal must be satisfied that the charges are proven beyond reasonable doubt and deliver a reasoned judgement.

In the event the tribunal convicts any of the accused, the only sanction is that the name of the guilty person will be entered in the Commission’s Register of War Criminals and publicised worldwide. The tribunal is a tribunal of conscience and a peoples’ initiative.

The prosecution for the trial will be lead by Prof Gurdial S Nijar, prominent law professor and author of several law publications and Prof Francis Boyle, leading American professor, practitioner and advocate of international law, and assisted by a team of lawyers.

The trial will be held in an open court on November 19-22, 2011 at the headquarters of the Al- Bukhary Foundation at Jalan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.

Armed Americans in the streets ready to protect protesters against regime


Finally we see Americans using their rights to protect themselves, these individuals shown in the video are armed and ready to protect peaceful protesters against the regime. Earlier reports indicated that troops were heading to protest sites in order to protect people against regime, now we see the first footage.

The US regime so far has arrested thousands of protesters and critically injured one protester when he was shot in the face. This is the fifth week of protests and there doesn't seem to be an end in site.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More videos reveal US brutality against peaceful protesters


US regime regards this brutality as Democracy, this is what US wants to send to Libya, these murderous thugs have no shame nor any morals. One US soldier is critically wounded when the regime fired a rubber bullet in his face in Oakland protests.

US has started brutal crack downs against peaceful protests, no one is safe according to activists.

In the past 5 weeks of protests thousands of Americans have been arrested and the number of arrests continue to grow.

Libyan Prime Minister free in Tunisia (confirmed)


It was reported a month ago that the Libyan Prime Minister was free in Tunisia but NATO Mercenaries along with NATO supporters wanted to believe otherwise, now a confirmation came that he is free and healthy. The Libyan elected Prime Minister "al baghdadi al mahmoudi" was arrested only for one day and then released immediately after a court hearing, he has been free since then but NATO media outlets have been reporting otherwise.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A smart analysis of western propaganda pictures

I have found a very good analysis of propaganda pictures showing a kid who, according to western media, has killed Gaddafi.


"I am sure that the story, pictures and claimed capture of Gaddafi was prepared by a group of first-class specialists. Now, Gaddafi called the rebels 'rats' and he was allegedly captured in a sewer (where rats normally live). This fact is constantly emphasized by all kinds of media. Furthermore he was supposedly sitting in this sewer with his golden gun, which was taken away from him by the brisk teenager. As You can see this teenager has not stained himself at all, neither in the sewer nor during the war. He is dressed neatly with an impeccable hairdo. Also the older man standing next to him on the second picture.

The second picture has to undoubtedly suggest cross-generation alliance on the way to the bright future, which is obviously awaiting the Libyans after installing the military bases of foreign countries and planned by NTC/foreign agents sharia law with our young democracy.

Clothes which the teenager wears are also not accidental: a shirt with a heart pierced by an arrow, arising sympathy; a young hurt romantic, who finally have managed to fulfill his dream and got the "oppressor". On his head, a hat with NY Yankees baseball club symbol, which firstly foreshadows the Libyan-Yankee alliance, and secondly - in my opinion - refers to the revolution from almost exactly 94 years ago, planned and financed from the New York and led by first-class specialists from the NY district of Lower East Side."


Huge pro-Polish demonstration in Benghazi


Unfortunately Poland, my country (Hugeowl's, not Ozyism's), was supporting the NTC almost from the very beginning. Recently, learning from their western masters, our government made a short note about a pro-Polish demonstration in Benghazi. One can see how would Al Jazeera pictures of anti Gaddhafi protests look like if they weren't that rich.
One can hardly blame this picture of being authentic. This picture is taken straight from the Polish ministry of foreign affairs website, which is an another proof that governments try to say and show information beneficial for the country itself, not necessarily the truth - it is best visible in the poorer countries, which cannot afford professional photo sessions every time. Obviously richer and more developed countries propaganda looks much more convincing.

NTC lies are beyond imagination


NTC official has reported that Saif al-Islam has decided to surrender to ICC. This is so ridiculous that it is difficult even to comment upon this "information", anyone who has been following recent events in Libya knows that this is a complete nonsense, obviously aimed at lowering morale of the loyalists; RATO militia has been caught pants-down lying many times previously.

Qatari official confirms land troops in Libya


According to Reuters, Qatar is probably going to replace RATO, after western countries decide to end their terror missions. However, a seemingly meaningless quotation is made:

"Attiyah also said that hundreds of Qatari troops were on the ground in Libya helping the fighters who overthrew Gaddafi."

This is a very important information and even though the real number of Quatari soldiers is probably much higher, the fact itself is a proof for all nonbelievers that NTC is backed up also by a regular land army.

Small clashes in Ras Lanuf


Small clashes have erupted in Western Ras Lanuf between Libyan Defense Forces (LDF) and NATO Mercenaries according to new sources. The number of casualties is not yet known. According to Libyan source the clashes broke out when LDF attacked a checkpoint between As Sidr and Ras Lanuf Airport.

US regime starts brutal crack down: one peaceful protester shot in the face


According to new reports the US regime has decided to use brutal force against peaceful protesters. One protester was shot in the face by a rubber bullet in Oakland, his condition is yet unclear. Reports indicate that the man shot is a US soldier, this will force fellow soldiers to stand up against the regime and defend the American population.

This video shows the terror US regime is bringing to its own population who are protesting peacefully, it also shows the individual who was shot in the face being carried out by fellow protesters.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

US regime has start using tear gas against peaceful protesters


US regime has decided to use tear gas against peaceful protesters according to new reports, including children, the elderly and the disables in Oakland. This comes as the US revolution reaches its 5th week and gaining momentum.

The US regime has arrested thousands of peaceful protesters in 5 weeks of protests through out the nation, activists believe that US Police are hired to orchestrate bogus charges against protesters and therefore given longer terms. Investigators testified that bogus drug charges have been used for some time now to silence activists and suppress the population.

NATO Mercenaries beg NATO to continue the terror operations


According to new reports, NATO Mercenaries have asked NATO to continue the terror operations for another month even though they claimed that the occupation is complete. This comes after small crowds of NATO cheerleaders celebrated NATO's occupation in Green Square, images showed around 100 people with monarch flags cheering and celebrating the destruction and bloodshed in Libya.

NATO Cheerleaders supporting NATO's bloodshed, destruction and lawlessness without shame

NATO cheerleaders have helped NATO justify the war of aggression since the beginning without any shame. It is like cheering for someone else's misery and downfall, or worse, cheering for genocide. It is probably one of the worse things human beings are capable of, almost as worse as those responsible for genocide.

These are the people that help justify the misery, help justify the murder of someone else's father, mother, daughter, sister, brother, grandfather...

These are the same animals that show no shame when they cheer after a bomb that hits a hospital, after every bomb that hits a University, a house, an apartment building, a peace conference... They cheer, and they cheer, they say it is good, they say bombs save civilian lives, they say torture saves civilian lives, they say mass murder saves civilian lives, they say genocide saves civilian lives, they say destruction and misery saves civilian lives.. These are the same people who say that dropping a nuclear bomb over hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children is justified, these are the same cowards who say dropping chemical bombs similar to Vietnam is justified.. These are the same Cheerleaders that support NATO's war in Libya..

The image above depicts this insanity.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Would you buy this?


Edited by 1984Libya

This will be out in the markets soon, buy as many as you can to support the victims of this psychopath. This is just V1, there will be later versions of this toilet paper with pictures of Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and other blood sucking murderers around the world.

NATO Mercenary convoy struck an IED killing at least 8


Latest reports indicate that at least 8 NATO Mercenaries have been killed in the main highway which connects Sirte with Waddan. It is yet unclear whether the convoy was travelling towards Waddan, or towards Sirte when it hit an Improvised Explosive Device, destroying at least 2 armed vehicles.

This comes as Libyan Defense Forces declared a transition of resistance to guerrilla warfare.

US revolutionaries become more organized


The American protesters have decided to divide themselves to tackle two main problems the nation is facing, problem number one is the economic policies, and problem number two is the war mongering policies.

Protesters have decided to divide, with Occupy Wall Street tackling the corporate fascism, and Occupy DC tackling the war mongers in Washington, including Obama who continues ordering the killings of Afghans, Somalians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Palestinians, Pakistanis and last but not least Libyans.

Protesters have made it clear, the wars of aggression must stop. Even though thousands have been arrested since the protests began, protesters have made it clear that the protests will continue until "substantial change" takes place.

Sarkozy is sick of Cameron


We're sick of you criticizing us and telling us what to do. You say you hate the euro, you didn't want to join and now you want to interfere in our meetings,” said Sarkozy, referring to Cameron and the economic problems Europe is facing.

Both nations are broke and have been facing widespread protests for the past week. Sarkozy is happy with Cameron regarding the terrorist attacks in Libya and the attempted occupation, but angry over European economies which seems to be spiraling out of control.

Why does NATO want to murder Qaddafi?


This truth seeker will explain:

Women in Benghazi burn puppet Monarch flag:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

NATO conducts 70 air sorties as Mercenaries claim occupation completed


NATO Mercenaries held celebrations for occupation of Libya celebration where only hundred people attended and reported through out NATO media outlets, what they didn't report was the 70 air sorties NATO conducted in Libya, including 12 cruise missile attacks in Sirte and Bani Walid. This is evident that the resistance continues, while NATO media outlets keep the focus on the fake celebrations, NATO genocide continues.

Thousands celebrated in Libyan Liberation day AKA Occupation Day??


According to NATO propaganda thousands of people celebrated the liberation day, also known as occupation day. But in reality, only hundreds, rather than thousands celebrated the fake liberation day. Mercenaries tried hard to bring people out, but only a hundred die hard NATO loyalists came out with the Monarch flag.

It was a day to mourn, because hundred cowards were celebrating the occupation of their nation, a day of rage because half of Libya in ruins, a day to weep because NATO turned Libya in to a slaughter house, half of a Tribe massacred in Sirte.

According to latest reports, Mercenaries have been ordered to hide their weapons and join the crowds because people are refusing to celebrate in such a day of shame.

Not even NATO propaganda could hide the fact that Libyans see this as day of rage, a day to mourn and a day to weep, one reporter was forced to tell the truth in Sirte when he said "I didn't see a SINGLE local out on the streets celebrating the "new" Libya".

Saif Al-Islam says resistance will continue until the end


Saif Al-Islam was aired on Arrai TV confirming that he is OK. He said in a small message that the resistance will continue and used Qaddafi's famous phrase, saying "damn you rats!", referring to NATO Mercenaries in Libyan soil.

NATO and its Mercenaries implemented a genocide in the town of Sirte to try to crush the resistance, but that failed as the Libyan Defense Forces announced a transition to guerrilla warfare.

Fears of coup mounts in Saudi power vacuum


After the death of Prince Sultan who was the heir for the throne a power vacuum has sent shivers down the spine of the ruling family. Since King Abdullah himself is very sick and expected to die soon, analysts believe fears of a coup is mounting, anyone could abandon loyalty and go for the power grab.

The power grab could make the security apparatus weak and a revolution possible to end the 70 year old dictatorship.

Saudi Arabia has been infected by British produced dictatorship for approximately 70 years, the Saudi population attempted to kick the puppet Kings out many times using different methods but thousands were arrested and thousands more killed in different occasions.

They found no fault in Qaddafi so the media invented some for us

By CasiusIgnoranze

LIE 1: “There were Human rights abuses in Libya and Gaddafi slaughtered his own people”

The primary justification for intervention in Libya by NATO was because "there were severe human rights abuses" under Gaddafi's rule. These claims were in reality, far fetched and laughable, because Libya probably had far better human rights than any other country in Africa. What YOU were told by those Mainstream Media fanatics including all those so called "human rights" groups like Amnesty International (which is no doubt another front controlled by the Elite), were all either fabricated lies or deliberately exaggerated for the justified NATO intervention.

This damning piece of evidence (dated 4th January 2011) from the UN Human Rights website which clearly shows undeniable proof that there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE of serious Human Right's abuses as accused by NATO and UN presently.
Libya Human Rights Report by UN - 4th January 2011

Whats more, SEVERAL countries even praised Libya's excellent Human rights Track Record but they still decided to topple Gaddafi! Hypocrisy or what?!

LIE 2: “The people of Libya were oppressed and were living in poverty under Gaddafi’s rule”

This lie is probably the funniest, and the easiest to debunk.

There was very little poverty (almost compared to Western standards) and Libya had literally the best living standards in Africa ranking 55th out of 172 countries (before NATO and Rebel interference) according to the Human Development Index - 0.755

The people in Libya under Gaddafi’s rule had:

Free education,
Free health care,
Free farmland a house and seeds,
Free energy bills,
$50,000 housing money for just married couples,
Interest free loans,
Debt free country,
Government pays half for your car,
Near free gasoline prices

The people in Libya were oppressed MY A$! This country sounds like the American dream which the people of America never had!

And just to note, almost EVERY country in Africa today is dependent on Foreign Aid, except Libya (during Gaddafi's rule). This will be further analysed later in the thread.

The Truth about Libya

LIE 3: Gaddafi was responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing

Libya and Gaddafi was FRAMED for the Lockerbie Bombing. END OFF. This was probably one of the EARLIEST LIES to frame Gaddafi and socially engineer the public’s perception of him.

This is based on the premise that key evidence presented at the trial (e.g. timer fragment, parts from a specific radio cassette model, clothing bought in Malta, bomb suitcase originating at Luqa Airport) was deliberately fabricated by the U.S. and Britain for the "political" purpose of incriminating Libya.


Because of all the reasons stated above and below. Libya was bad for Big business and Big Banking, so something had to be done – like the Lockerbie Bombing, so that lies could be fabricated and Gaddafi could be demonised over the years until his death.

Even though Gaddafi was never involved in the Lockerbie Bombing, recently the mainstream media is jumping around the fact that he somehow “was”.

You can read more about the Lockerbie conspiracy here if you're interested:The Lockerbie Bombing Conspiracy

LIE 4: “Gaddafi wanted to become the king of Africa and enslave all the people”

On the contrary, Gaddafi wanted a more united Africa which was independent of Western interference and exploitation.

You ever wonder why the billions of $$ in Aid never actually help the people of Africa in the long term? Because its bad for big business. Simple as that.

If you start getting a stronger Africa both economically and politically, then Big Multinational Corporations would literally be BANKRUPT, DEAD and ERADICATED over night.


Because their business models literally WORK AND DEPEND on SLAVERY.

Pay some African kid less than a dollar a day to make shoes, and then sell the shoes for $50 in the market. 5000% profit made. Most of it goes to the board of directors not because they are doing good business – but because THEY CAN benefit by exploiting the African people and smacking the “Fair Trade” label on everything so that when we the consumer buy stuff, do not have to feel guilty about buying products made in Third World Countries.
Why Fair trade is NOT FAIR – THE TELEGRAPH

LIE 5: “The wealth of Gaddafi will be redistributed to the people of Libya”

And this is it folks, the biggest lie ever told in the history of Libya (and to the World aswell) - “The wealth of Gaddafi will be redistributed to the people of Libya”.

Even if you may still have doubts whether Gaddafi was really the Good guy or not, theres no DENYING about the fact the sole reason why NATO intervened in Libya was due to Economical reasons.

Why punish the banks during an economic crisis when you can easily profit from a war based on a lie?

UN to steal 144 tons of Gold from Libya

Some believe it is about protecting civilians, others say it is about oil, but some are convinced intervention in Libya is all about Gaddafi’s plan to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency made from gold, a true sharing of the wealth.

“It’s one of these things that you have to plan almost in secret, because as soon as you say you’re going to change over from the dollar to something else, you’re going to be targeted,” says Ministry of Peace founder Dr James Thring. “There were two conferences on this, in 1986 and 2000, organized by Gaddafi. Everybody was interested, most countries in Africa were keen.”
Gaddafi did not give up. In the months leading up to the military intervention, he called on African and Muslim nations to join together to create this new currency that would rival the dollar and euro. They would sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold dinars.
It is an idea that would shift the economic balance of the world.

Saving the World Economy from Gaddafi - RT NEWS

That’s right folks, Gaddafi wanted OUT of the International Banking Scam which was (still is) gripping the World. The Elite couldn’t have that, so they started a couple of false flag protests, added a pinch of Al Qaeda militants to create bloodshed to make every sap in the World believe Gaddafi was killing his people, and then finally justify military intervention in the name of “FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY”.

As you can see, Libya was truly a far better country before this Illegal Civil War and NATO interference.

I pray for the people in Libya now because most of this wealth of Gaddafi "being redistributed”, will mostly go to the Big Banking firms and Multinationals immediately as “debt to be paid”.

And yeah, remember those words: FREEDOM AND DEMORACY.

I’m sure that is something we people here in the West VERY MUCH wish to have right now.

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on" — John F. Kennedy
A legend in the making.

US puppet Prince of Saudi Arabia dies in New York


The official crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud died in New York hospital. The Prince is part of a family who believes they own Saudi Arabia and have the right to rule it how ever they please.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Intense clashes around the remains of Bab Alazizia compound


According to new reports intense clashes are taking place around the remains of Bab Alazizia compound, witnesses report hearing explosions and heavy gunfire. Reportedly a plume of dark smoke is rising from the Bab Alazizia compound.

This comes as inner fighting has been reported between NATO Mercenaries and fighters from the Zintan Tribe.

A recap of Qaddafi's accomplishments and coordinated propaganda warfare


Compiled by LightAssassin, wcitizen and CasiusIgnoranze, ChaoticOrder

LightAssassin: I dedicate this to a man I knew nothing about until NATO and the MSM brought my attention to him.

wcitizen: Just look how easy it is to fake news footage....

Did you notice that in the first clip, the crowd were not Libyans, but Indians waving Indian flags?

Far fetched, our MSM wouldn't do that, right?

That's exactly what the BBC did, AND claimed it was 'live from Tripoli'.

In the comment under the video, the guy who made this explains how he swapped video clips, sounds, etc to create fake news.

Understand everyone, Hollywood, Psyops and the MSM are ALL ONE. The news we receive is barely more real than a Hollywood movie.

CasiusIgnoranze: So I found this damning piece of evidence (dated 4th January 2011) from the UN Human Rights website which clearly shows undeniable proof that there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE of serious Human Right's abuses as accused by NATO and UN presently. Libya Human Rights Report by UN - 4th January 2011

UN Human Rights Reports Homepage

Whats more, SEVERAL countries even praised Libya's excellent Human rights Track Record, and now they are all on NATO's side to topple Gaddafi! Hypocrisy or what?! Ofcourse, the USA, UK, France and Israel remained very criticising, but that was expected.

30. Qatar praised the legal framework for the protection of human rights and freedoms, including, inter alia, its criminal code and criminal procedure law, which provided legal guarantees for the implementation of those rights.

37. Saudi Arabia commended the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’s achievements in its
constitutional, legislative and institutional frameworks, which showed the importance that
the country attached to human rights

63. Australia welcomed the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’s progress in human rights and its
willingness to facilitate visits by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which
demonstrated the country’s commitment to engaging with the international community on
human rights.

64. Canada welcomed improvements made by the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in its respect
for human rights.

77. The United Arab Emirates admired the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’s ratification of the
majority of the human rights treaties.
It sounds like Western countries were trying to force Libya into becoming a country it couldn't obviously become because of the fact the people in Libya follow Islamic values and not Western values. Whats more, the New Rebel NTC government intend too fully enforce Sharia Law in Libya...Go Figure...

Also, contradictory to popular belief and the Rebels finding extreme satisfaction burning it - Gaddafi's Green book is hardly extremist and against Human rights. Read it and judge for yourself. Gaddafi's Green Book

What the rebels are doing to Gaddafi's book can be easily compared to what the Catholic Church did to "free thinking" books hundreds of years ago.

This is I hope, enough evidence (rather than just YouTube videos) to prove that the war and intervention in Libya is based on LIES and exploitation of African Resources. If you want to stop what our Governments are doing now in Libya, I suggest WE PROTEST against this injustice before its too late.

In no way I'm saying Gaddafi was a saint. Every leader has opposition in his country but in this case NATO took advantage of the small opposition there was and turned it around against Gaddafi through lies and deceit.

And to all the sceptics who are still on the bandwagon that the Libyan War is justified to remove an "evil dictator" "oppressing" his people - DEBUNK THIS. Thats right, you can't.

ChaoticOrder: I only recently started paying attention to the conflict in Libya. I actually believed what they were telling me on TV. It seemed obvious to me Gaddafi was indeed some sort of evil dictator. Therefore I didn't see any real conspiracy, it made sense that the Rebels would want to end the current regime. It took this video and this thread to make me question the mainstream projection of the conflict.
Recent news has reported that "The charred remains of about 53 people were found in a warehouse in Tripoli, apparently opponents of Gaddafi who were executed, Britain's Sky News reported on Saturday", and they sling it all over the mainstream news; yet they ignoreall the evidence for war crimes committed by Rebel forces. They completely ignore the fact both sides are taking losses.

NATO are bringing death and destruction to a prosperous and peacefull country, they are actively participing in the destruction of an established Government and the reasons for doing so are clearly sinister. Why should NATO get to decide such things? Is it not up to the people of Libya to oppose the regime if they believe it is out of control?

1.7 million people assembled in Green Square, Tripoli to show defiance against the NATO bombings of Libya. That is 95% of Tripoli's population, or around 1/3 of the entire population of Libya. If the Rebels truly wanted the best for their country, why would they set up a central bank controlled by the Rothchilds when their old one issues debt free currency?!?

In 1951 Libya was the poorest country in the world. Before this conflict started they enjoyed the highest standard of living in Africa, ahead of Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. They have free high quality healthcare and homes are considered a Human right. Newly married couples get $50,000 for a new house. All loans have 0% intrest by law. Let me conclude with an excerpt from Gaddafi's Green Book:


The freedom of a human being is lacking if his or her needs are controlled by others, for
need may lead to the enslavement of one person by another. Furthermore, exploitation is
caused by need. Need is an intrinsic problem and conflict is initiated by the control of
one's needs by another.


Housing is an essential need for both the individual and the family and should not be
owned by others. Living in another's house, whether paying rent or not, compromises
freedom. Attempts made by various countries to solve the housing problem did not
provide a definite solution because such attempts did not target the ultimate solution - the
necessity that people own their dwellings - but rather offered the reduction, increase, or
standardization of rent, whether it went to privately or publicly-owned enterprise. In a
socialist society, no one, including society itself, has the right to control people's needs.
No one has the right to acquire a house additional to his or her own dwelling and that of
his or her heirs for the purpose of renting it because this additional house is, in fact, a
need of someone else. Acquiring it for such a purpose is the beginning of controlling the
needs of others, and "in need freedom is latent".


Income is an imperative need for man. In a socialist society, it should not be in the form of
wages from any source or charity from any one. In this society, there are no wage-earners,
but only partners. One's income is a private matter and should either be managed privately
to meet one's needs or be a share from a production process of which one is an essential
component. It should not be a wage in return for production.


Transportation is also a necessity both to the individual and to the family. It should not be
owned by others. In a socialist society, no person or authority has the right to own a
means of transportation for the purpose of renting it, for this also means controlling the
needs of others.


Land is the private property of none. Rather, everyone has the right to beneficially utilize it
by working, farming or pasturing as long as he and his heirs live on it - to satisfy their
needs, but without employing others with or without a wage. If lands were privately owned,
only the living would have a share in it

NATO says two more weeks of terrorism


NATO has announced two more weeks of terrorism over Libya then the subsequent ending of the terror attacks. It is yet unclear whether NATO will follow up to yet another claim.

This comes as inner fighting spikes in Tripoli between Zintan Tribe and NATO Mercenaries. Zintan Tribe along with most Western Tribes are angered over looting and corruption. The Western Tribes have expressed their fury over countless checkpoints in the capital Tripoli where residents are forced to pay bribes, and released prisoners have been hired to guard neighborhoods where reports of raping, looting and abductions have been spreading.

3 NATO Mercenaries killed by IED in Western Sirte as guerrilla warfare begins


According to latest reports at least 3 NATO Mercenaries were slaughtered when their vehicle drove over an IED in Western Sirte. Two accompanying vehicles quickly fled the scene after coming under heavy gunfire by Libyan Defense Forces and volunteer resistance fighters. This comes as the Libyan Defense Forces announced the guerrilla warfare phase of the resistance.

This message was sent to me 2 weeks ago


This message was sent to me approximately two weeks ago from multiple sources, it was also sent to many other sources online.

Saif al Islam not dead nor captured - first denials of yesterday's events from NTC

Yesterday it was claimed that the leader and two of his sons were captured, but:

"NTC official said his (Saif-al Islam) whereabouts were unknown"

Only time will tell what is the truth, there are multiple conflicting reports on both sides of the conflict; Allain Jules claims his source confirmed the death of the leader (

There were reports of Gaddhafi's capture/death previously(After RATO stormed Tripoli), they all turned to be false in the end.

Libya Liberal Youth report that Qaddafi has not been martyred


Libya Liberal Youth reports that the "Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking to take advantage of his being currently out of communications. The aim is to please Hillary Clinton who barked at her Arab slaves that she wants Muammar Qaddafi "dead or alive.""

This is contradictory to NATO propaganda which claims that the revolutionary leader Qaddafi was martyred by a NATO terror attack in Sirte.

Analysts believe that this propaganda is an attempt to divert attention from the brutal genocide in Sirte, according to early reports, civilian bodies were seen in every corner of Sirte's streets, but now the media has completely stayed silent instead reporting on rumors of Qaddafi's martyrdom.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rumors of Qaddafi martyrdom overlaps Sirte genocide (Coincidence?)


According to new reports the streets of Sirte are filled with martyred civilians and the destruction cannot be described by words. The attempted genocide of a tribe is being brushed under the carpet by rumors of Qaddafi's martyrdom. The rumors have been intentionally spread to keep the focus of people on Qaddafi's martyrdom rather than the genocide and destruction of Sirte.

This will also give NATO Mercenaries enough time to hide the dead bodies in mass graves then blame the Libyan Defense Forces as they did in Tripoli.

Libyan Defense Forces announce the next phase of resistance


According to new reports the Libyan Defense Forces have announced the guerrilla warfare phase of the resistance. The next phase of the war has been announced as Tuareg fighters advance northwards and hundreds more pour from neighboring countries to help with the liberation process.

Sources close to Libyan Defense Forces state that Sirte has been completely destroyed, "there is nothing left, no water, no electricity, holes in roads, apartments destroyed, even the hospital was bombed and damaged, this isn't saving civilians lives, this is colonialism" said Ahmad who only gave his first name for security reasons.

According to the same source, at least a thousand resistance fighters left the complete destroyed Sirte to join with Tarhuna Tribe fighters in the West to start the next phase.

Live footage of NATO soldier getting blown up in Afghanistan


New released video shows a close up footage of NATO soldier getting killed when he steps over an IED in Afghanistan, this is the bloody side of the invasion which NATO propaganda tries hard to hide, NATO soldiers who are mostly forced to fight in Afghanistan are being slaughtered in almost daily basis alongside Afghans. Many Americans have gone to exile in Canada to avoid being imprisoned by US regime for not serving in wars of aggression.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Greece revolution becomes violent as the regime refuses to listen


NATO member state Greece is on fire as hundreds of thousands of protesters armed with sticks and petrol bombs took to the streets. The Greek regime has refused to listen to the people who are asking for direct Democracy, direct participation of the people in Governmental decision making rather than periodic dictatorship AKA Representative Democracy.

The biggest union in Greece called for a strike halting everything in the nation, rubbish piling up in the streets, Airport shutdown, port shutdown... The protesters are furious over the regime's willingness to spend money on wars of aggression, but not willing the salaries of those working in internal processes.

Protesters managed to defeat the regime forces close to the parliament, witnesses report seeing regime forces fleeing the area and cornered in the boundaries of the parliamentary buildings.

The revolution also turned violent in Italy where hundreds of thousands of protesters turned violent against regime's brutal crack down. According to witnesses, Rome resemble a battle zone rather than a civilized nation. The protests continue in almost all NATO member states and are gradually increasing in size.

Libyan Defense Forces engages in fierce battle around Tripoli airport


According to latest reports fierce battles continue in Tripoli with complete media black out. Fierce fighting have been reported around Tripoli air port, Libyan Defense Forces used rockets and grenades to slowly route out Mercenaries.

This comes as Tuareg fighters from Southern Libya and bordering nations such as Mali advance northward to help with the resistance and defeat NATO's occupation. Tuareg fighters have already helped with the liberation of Ghadames and fighting in southern bordering towns of Tripoli has already been reported.

NATO media outlets have stayed silent and at the same time working hard to hide the genocide in Sirte.

NATO puppet Jibril will resign soon


According to new reports NATO puppet Jibril will resign soon due to deep divisions among Mercenary factions. NATO attempted to form an occupying regime in Libya but failed multiple times, approximately a month ago NATO halted the formation of an occupying regime indefinitely, mainly due to the division and inner fighting.

Qaddafi the Dictator?


A common denominator between NATO Cheerleaders are their inability to think and process information. From the onset of this war of aggression, NATO supporters have had one common theme, and that is the absolute hundred percent fact that Qaddafi was a dictator.

In reality this couldn't be further from the truth, I have had personal discussion with many NATO Cheerleaders, in Twitter and other community based forums, none of them were able to explain why and how Qaddafi was a dictator.

Considering the fact that Qaddafi was not working in the Libyan government since 1977, it made it even harder for the Cheerleaders to sell the desperate propaganda lie as an absolute hundred percent fact.

Most of the discussion between NATO cheerleaders were very similar, here is what it basically resembled:

NATO Cheerleader - "Qaddafi was a dictator"

Ozyism - "Why was he a dictator?"

NATO Cheerleader - "Because the media said so, haven't you watched the news? It is common knowledge.."

Ozyism - "Qaddafi was not part of the Libyan Government, so once again, how can he be a dictator when he wasn't even part of the government?"

NATO Cheerleader - "If he wasn't part of the Government then why was he giving a speech in UN as Libyan leader"

Ozyism - "He was giving a speech in UN as Libya's symbolic leader of the revolution, not as the leader of the government. The Queen of UK gave a similar speech in UN, she gave a speech as a symbolic queen, not as an actual queen which rules Britain. That being said, Qaddafi was more of a Mandela or Gandhi for Libya, rather than the Queen."

NATO Cheerleader - "Qaddafi was the Mandela of Libya, hahahaha, NATO Akbar, you loose get over it".

At this point, you can see that they are not capable of thinking, they cannot think beyond what the media shoves in their heads, and if you try to take them to boundaries which have not been injected in their heads by the media, they quickly become defensive and shove their heads under the sand.

For example when you talk about the fact that Qaddafi was the leader of the revolution which toppled a NATO fascist puppet King, they will quickly change the topic. If you talk about the fact that Qaddafi brought Direct Democracy (Jamahariya) Governing system to Libya, a Governing system which Americans are asking for as they protest in millions, they will quickly shove their heads under the sand and stay in denial. For example if you talk about the fact that Qaddafi made Libya independent from banksters and powerful exploiters, once again they will shove their heads under the sand. For example if you talk to them about the Great Man Made River and how much prosperity it brought to Libya, they will quickly shove their heads under the sand. For example if you talk to them about the fact that Libyans were provided with free housing, free land, free education, free health care, abroad or at home, they will once again quickly shove their heads under the sand. For example if you talk about the fact that Libyans were deeply uneducated under the NATO fascist puppet king, but literacy levels spiked over 80% due to the revolution and the Jamahariya Government, they will quickly shove their heads under the sand.

So why? Why can't they acknowledge the fact that Libya was a prosperous nation before NATO's war of aggression? Why can't they acknowledge the fact that Libya had a Direct Democratic Governing system before NATO's war of aggression. The reason is simple, if they do admit it then they simply won't be able to go to sleep, how can any human being with conscious go to sleep knowing that he/she has supported genocide, the destruction of a prosperous nation, the destruction of a civilized nation, and support suffering and backwardness?

Italian protesters get ready to defend themselves against Berlusconi


After previous fierce crack down by Berlusconi forces, protesters have decided to carry arms to defend themselves, including sticks, petrol bombs, stones...

Previously at least 200,000 peaceful protesters entered the streets of Rome, they were met with violence.

Final assault, final assault final assault!!


NATO claimed to have occupied 99% of Sirte but then at the same time report that a final assault is preparing for the 5th time.

Final assault, final assault, final assault!! But the fighting continues and NATO Mercenaries continue receiving heavy casualties. According to new reports, every Mercenary which is killed in the battle field, a civilian in Sirte is killed as revenge. This was proven when civilian bodies were found with shot dead with hands tied behind their backs. The disturbing and bloody scenes didn't shock anyone because it was a replica of the situation in Tripoli when whole neighborhoods were massacred.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

US is officially a fascist state


Here are some things you didn't know about US...

The fact that the US government can kill anyone without any reason, any wrong doing, without following the law or any procedures, that simply is fascism and an autocracy. Watch informative video, this is why Americans are rising up to topple the fascist corporate regime.

NATO has occupied Bani Walid so many times that we have lost counts


Bani Walid has been occupied again according to NATO propaganda, but the same claims were made many times before. At this moment it is clear to analysts that this is a disinformation to decrease the moral of the resistance in Sirte where Mercenaries have been receiving heavy casualties for the past week.

Another counter attack in Sirte once again forced NATO Mercenaries to flee another 2km, then Libyan Defense Forces retreated again leaving many traps behind. This tactic has been very effective and if NATO continues sending packs of Mercenaries, at this rate bin a period of a month, all Mercenaries would be dead according to resistance fighters.

Fighting continued in Tripoli - a very unwelcome message to Hilary


Hilary Clinton's visit to Tripoli was met with more intense clashes in the capital, giving her a bold unwelcome message from Libya. Explosions and gunfire was heard around the capital and according to reports, Hilary Clinton had an emergency chopper ready to evacuate her as soon as her speech ended.

US has been the main contributor to the terrorist NATO alliance and its war against Libya, this is the first time any official has visited Libya since the war of aggression began. Observers see her speech as incredibly disrespectful to Libyans who are suffering under NATO bombs or victimized by Mercenaries, meanwhile Hilary talks about freedom as if the crimes against humanity is not taking place.

NATO supplying Mercenaries with drugs


Sources from Jalalabad claim that NATO is exporting opium to Libya through Kandahar airport. Many observers believe that NATO supplies Mercenaries with different types of drugs, including opium to help them fight in the front lines. Many Mercenaries have openly admitted the fact that they are not capable of fighting without drugs.

One video from Tripoli showed a NATO Mercenary who looked to be very high on Methamphetamine or Opium and was stabbing an innocent man who was dragged out of his house. Similar instances have been reported throughout Libya, such psychotic behaviors can only be explained through the effects of class A drugs.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Clashes between protesters and forces loyal to Berlusconi (video)


Berlusconi forces attacked protesters after 200,000 Italians submerged Rome. Protesters were forced to defend themselves which lead intense clashes and rioting. Witnesses reported that down town Rome looked like a war zone. The protests are continuing, and there is a chance that the Italian military might take the opportunity and side with the people, just like the Portuguese military.

NATO Regimes Order You Tube To Censor Protest Videos


By Paul Joseph Watson

In a frightening example of how the state is tightening its grip around the free Internet, it has emerged that You Tube is complying with thousands of requests from governments to censor and remove videos that show protests and other examples of citizens simply asserting their rights, while also deleting search terms by government mandate.

The latest example is You Tube’s compliance with a request from the British government to censor footage of the British Constitution Group’s Lawful Rebellion protest, during which they attempted to civilly arrest Judge Michael Peake at Birkenhead county court.

Peake was ruling on a case involving Roger Hayes, former member of UKIP, who has refused to pay council tax, both as a protest against the government’s treasonous activities in sacrificing Britain to globalist interests and as a result of Hayes clearly proving that council tax is illegal.

Hayes has embarked on an effort to legally prove that the enforced collection of council tax by government is unlawful because no contract has been agreed between the individual and the state. His argument is based on the sound legal principle that just like the council, Hayes can represent himself as a third party in court and that “Roger Hayes” is a corporation and must be treated as one in the eyes of the law.

The British government doesn’t want this kind of information going viral in the public domain because it is scared stiff of a repeat of the infamous poll tax riots of 1990, a massive tax revolt in the UK that forced the Thatcher government to scrap the poll tax altogether because of mass civil disobedience and refusal to pay.

When viewers in the UK attempt to watch videos of the protest, they are met with the message, “This content is not available in your country due to a government removal request.”

We then click through to learn that, “YouTube occasionally receives requests from governments around the world to remove content from our site, and as a result, YouTube may block specific content in order to comply with local laws in certain countries.”

You can also search by country to discover that Google, the owner of You Tube, has complied with the majority of requests from governments, particularly in the United States and the UK, not only to remove You Tube videos, but also specific web search terms and thousands of “data requests,” meaning demands for information that would reveal the true identity of a You Tube user. Google claims that the information sent to governments is “needed for legitimate criminal investigations,” but whether these “data requests” have been backed up by warrants is not divulged by the company.

“Between July 1 and Dec. 31 (2009), Google received 3,580 requests for user data from U.S. government agencies, slightly less than the 3,663 originating from Brazil,” reports PC World. “The United Kingdom and India sent more than 1,000 requests each, and smaller numbers originated from various other countries.”

With regard to search terms, one struggles to understand how a specific combination of words in a Google search can be considered a violation of any law. This is about government and Google working hand in hand to manipulate search results in order to censor inconvenient information, something which Google now freely admits to doing.

You Tube’s behavior is more despicable than the Communist Chinese, who are at least open about their censorship policies, whereas You Tube hides behind a blanket excuse and doesn’t even say what law has been broken.

Anyone who swallows the explanation that the videos were censored in this case because the government was justifiably enforcing a law that says scenes from inside a court room cannot be filmed is beyond naive. Court was not even in session in the protest footage that was removed, and the judge had already left the courtroom.

The real reason for the removal is the fact that the British government is obviously petrified of seeing a group of focused and educated citizens, black, white, old and young, male and female, go head to head with the corrupt system on its own stomping ground.

In their efforts to keep a lid on the growing populist fury that has arrived in response to rampant and growing financial and political tyranny in every sector of society, governments in the west are now mimicking Communist Chinese-style Internet censorship policies in a bid to neutralize protest movements, while hypocritically lecturing the rest of the world on maintaining web freedom.

Via a combination of cybersecurity legislation and policy that is hastily introduced with no real oversight, governments and large Internet corporations are crafting an environment where the state can simply demand information be removed on a whim with total disregard for freedom of speech protections.

This was underscored last year at the height of the Wikileaks issue, when Amazon axed Wikileaks from its servers following a phone call made by Senator Joe Lieberman’s Senate Homeland Security Committee demanding the website be deleted.

Lieberman has been at the forefront of a push to purge the Internet of all dissent by empowering Obama with a figurative Internet kill switch that he would use to shut down parts of the Internet or terminate websites under the guise of national security. Lieberman spilled the beans on the true reason for the move during a CNN interview when he stated “Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too.”

Except that China doesn’t disconnect the Internet “in case of war,” it only ever does so to censor and intimidate people who express dissent against government atrocities or corruption, as we have documented. This is precisely the kind of online environment the British and American governments are trying to replicate as they attempt to put a stranglehold on the last bastion of true free speech – the world wide web.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Portuguese military to protect protesters against regime


NATO member state Portugal is in trouble as new reports indicate that the military is preparing to protect protesters if the regime starts crack downs. This comes as NATO is desperate to end the war in Libya, even attempting a genocide in Sirte to end the resistance. Activists believe that NATO is desperate because it wants to prepare for internal uprisings in NATO member states, which are on their beginning phases.

NATO Mercenaries massacring civilians in Sirte (genocide)


NATO Mercenaries have been slaughtering civilians in Sirte for the past week, killing anyone who expresses their support for the Jamahariya Government peacefully. Dozens of bodies have been found with their hands tied behind their backs and shot in the back multiple times. This is identical to the mass murder in Tripoli where streets were filled with civilian bodies, hands tied behind their backs using plastic cuffs.

In NATO terminology, this is protecting civilians, by unleashing thugs and released prisoners on to a city, protected by NATO air power. I wonder how many Westerners would agree to this sort of "no fly zone" in their own countries?

Analysts believe that NATO is attempting a genocide against a whole Tribe in Sirte, even civilians are massacred as combatants, women and children. At the same time, the resistance continues, fighting rages on, and a NATO Mercenary commander has admitted that they cannot afford to loose another hundred men, meaning that they are almost finished, therefore the NATO Mercenary commander stated that they will bomb the town until the resistance ends and the occupation wins.

A similar strategy was used by Americans in Vietnam when they used Chemical weapons to try to kill as many people as possible therefore weaken the resistance. History repeats itself, the will of the Libyan people are strong, similar to the will of Vietnamese people who forced American imperialists to run with their tails between their legs.

At least 85 US Special Ops have been killed so far in Libya


NATO has tried hard to hide its soldiers from the cameras and also have tried hard to hide the casualties. According to recently reports, US fascist regime informed families of 85 Americans who were killed in Libya and another 50 critically wounded.

We have seen many videos of these occupiers in Libya, and now confirmation that they are receiving heavy casualties alongside Qatari Mercenaries and released prisoners who are forced to fight by NATO.

135 NATO Mercenaries killed and 50 captured in Bani Walid ambush


According to new reports at least 135 NATO Mercenaries were killed and 50 captured in a well organized ambush in Bani Walid. The bulk of NATO forces are preoccupied in Sirte where they are receiving heavy casualties, leaving NATO forces in the outskirts of Bani Walid open to ambush and assaults.

NATO Mercenaries have tried to occupy Bani Walid many times, but continue facing devastating defeats. Due to low morals they stopped all attempts indefinitely.

Sirte: NATO Mercenaries could be heard screaming "Run, run, run!"


NATO Mercenaries were forced to flee once more after a counter attack by Libyan Defense Forces and volunteers. When Libyan Defense Forces conducted the surprise attack, NATO Mercenaries could be heard screaming "Run, run, run!" as they fled back to the Police Headquarters, one of the last safe havens for NATO forces, protected by NATO Special Ops and helicopters.

According to latest reports at least 10 NATO Mercenaries were killed, and 43 injured, 12 critically. The injured were taken to a makeshift hospital in the outskirts of Sirte.

US massacre 100 people in 2 days with HRW silence


US has massacred at least 100 innocent people in 2 days of Drone attacks but HRW is deeply silent. The murders occurred in Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen.

This comes as US regime started crackdowns against tens of thousands of protesters in New York, at least 70 people have been arrested and one protester has been hospitalized due to injuries received in the clashes which followed the crackdown.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Protests spread to almost all NATO member states

Uprisings have been reported in almost all NATO member states, analysts believe this could be the beginning of the end to NATO terrorist alliance.


Thousands of protesters marched downtown Brussels and pelted the Stock Exchange Building with shoes. The protesters chanted "Criminal bankers caused this crisis!". Protesters believe that Bankers and Corporations created the economic crisis and the regime stole the Tax Payer money to help them, which caused a bigger economic crisis than before.

Protesters also submerged outside NATO headquarters in Brussels and condemned NATO's wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Libya. Protesters stated that NATO is wasting Tax Money on wars of aggression instead of using the money for domestic purposes, where it is needed.


In Rome protests turned violent when the authorities attempted to use force against the peaceful protesters. The peaceful marge turned in to smashing bank Windows, burning cars, soon after clashes broke out with police.

Witnesses report seeing heavy black smoke rising from downtown Rome as if it was a war zone. It is yet unknown how many protesters were injured due to the brutal regime crackdown.

According to other reports, a government building was set on fire, causing the building's roof to collapse, no one was hurt, but the building is damaged beyond repair.

Silvio Berlusconi said that all protesters "must be found and punished."


Organizers believe that at least 300,000 people turned out in Madrid's Puerta del Sol plaza, forming one of the biggest protests this year in Europe. Protesters are angry that NATO and EU member states have money for wars of aggression IE Libya, but no money to pay teacher's salaries, or help those with no health care etc..

Protests were also reported in Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Malaga.


Angry protesters in Portugal stormed the Parliament where clashes broke out with police. Thousands of protesters showed their outrage towards the ruling regime's economic policies which favor major corporations rather than the population, and protesters believe that the regimes they elect work directly or indirectly for corporations and Banks.


Thousands of protesters surrounded the European Central Bank and some protesters setup tents, to show their willingness to stay for as long as possible.

Protests were also reported in Berlin, Cologne and Munich.


Protesters showed their outrage over British regime's handling of the economy, widespread inequality and corporate influence over the government outside St Paul's Cathedral, tens of thousands of protesters gathered by nightfall. Hundreds came with camping gears to setup a permanent base for protests.


Thousands of protesters marched in front of Paris Stock Exchange, shouting a unified chant "stand up Paris, Rise up".


Greeks have been protesting and striking almost daily for the past 8 months, but nothing changed, thousands once again marched in front of the parliament, angry at the regime for serving the corporations instead of the people. The media has been giving very little attention to Greek protests and strikes which never stopped. The government still refuses to listen to its population and at times has used brutal force to crack down on protesters. Greek is one of the nations which is funding the war of aggression against Libya even though she has a broke economy.


Thousands protested outside Toronto Stock exchange and outside major banks, to show their anger against what they regard as "government-abetted corporate greed".


Protests have spread in almost all US states and growing larger by the hour.


Thousands demonstrate in support of Qaddafi and Libyan Jamahariya in Mali


Thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate their support for the revolutionary leader Qaddafi and the Jamahariya Government. Protesters chanted "Qaddafi, Qaddafi" to show their support for the leader of the resistance.

Previous reports showed that thousands of Tuagra fighters in Mali are preparing to join the resistance, and many have already crossed the border to fight what they see as the return of colonialism.

The spokesperson for the fighters stated that they are preparing politically and militarily, the demonstration is the political side of the preparations.

Something is really wrong with PressTV


I came across an article which was meant to expose major NATO lies in Libya, the article was published by PressTV, but it was removed within half an hour, I did not have a chance to read it.

It was in my read list, but when I came half an hour later to check, it was completely removed. I have screenshot here:

When you go in the link, it seems the article has been deleted, you will receive an empty PressTV page, here is a Screenshot:

A simple question for PressTV propaganda outlet, why was this article removed? There is a possibility that the article has been moved to another location, but currently I can't seem to find the article anywhere in PressTV.

It seems PressTV is openly siding with NATO in the war of aggression against Libya. PressTV has shown its willingness to distort information to help NATO Mercenaries and hide their crimes and massacres.

Thanks to the two Anonymous posters for allowing us to see what the content of the article was, here it is, it seems PressTV removed the truth very quickly, but don't mind publishing NATO lies?

This is taken from the removed article:

"Lizzie Phelan: Thanks to the Stop The War for inviting me. I visited Libya twice over the past six months of the crisis. The first time I was on a peace mission and the second time I was a correspondent for Press TV and I also did some reporting for Russia Today. I left just after the so-called fall of Tripoli and I was there during that horrendous week of the fighting in Tripoli.

Dan [Glazebrook - independent analyst] has really well-contextualized how the war on Libya is a war on Africa. But I'd just like to add something - Dan mentioned how NATO had been targeting over 100,000 soldiers in Libya, but there were also thousands of ordinary men and women - there were a lot of women who volunteered since the beginning of the crisis to defend their country and they were armed by the government. And during that week in Tripoli when the fighting began I witnessed how ordinary men and women took up the weapons that they had been trained to use during that six months to defend their country.

I'm going to, as a journalist, talk a little bit about the role of the media and this has been an incredible media war. Dan alluded strongly to the criminalization of the Libyan government and Gaddafi.

The media said that thousands of people were about to be killed in Benghazi, but they never showed us any evidence. They said that six thousand people had been killed by the government. Human rights organizations have confirmed that approximately 250 had died from both sides.

They said that the Libyan government was attacking its own people from the air. Russian intelligence satellites have since shown us that this was impossible.

They said that the government was hiring mercenaries from elsewhere in Africa - they never showed us the evidence. Instead we saw the videos of black Libyans and other black Africans being lynched in public squares by NATOs ground troops - the rebels, with scores of people filming on their mobile phones and Western Special Forces looking on.

They said that Gaddafi was hated by his people, but they never showed us the 1.7 million people in a country of 6 million in Green Square on July the 1st. Or the masses in Tarhuna, in Suppa, in Bani Walid, in Sirte and across the country who demonstrated to pledge their allegiance to their leader and to the Jama Haria.

They never showed us the masses, as I said, of ordinary men and women who had accepted the government's offer of weapons to defend their families, neighborhoods and country from people who wish to condemn them to enslavement to imperialism. They said they were targeting Gaddafi's military forces - they ignored the 33 children, 32 women and 20 men who I saw buried in the small and traditional town of Marj in Zlitan in early August.

They said on August 20th or 21st that Tripoli fell without resistance. But they didn't tell us that in twelve hours alone 1,300 people were massacred in that city and 900 were injured.

They said that Tripoli fell without resistance and that Saif al-Islam (a son of Gaddafi) had been arrested and captured and that Gaddafi's compound Bab al-Aziza was taken by the rebels. But despite that Saif al-Islam himself showed up in the hotel where I was trapped and took a group of journalists outside to see with their very own eyes, they didn't show us the thousands of people filling Bab al-Aziza and the streets of Tripoli waving the green flag on the night of August 22nd.

They said that Tripoli fell without resistance. But they didn't show us that in the 24 hours after those journalists from all the West's major networks had seen at the site that Bab al-Aziza alone was pounded 63 times with NATO bombs.

They didn't show us how all the gatherings of the people to defend their capital from those who wish to send back to the times of colonial puppet King Idris were attacked with missiles and Apache gunships.

They didn't show us how the brave people of Abu-Sleem - the poorest area of Tripoli and the staunchest area of support for Gaddafi, resisted for five days until on August 24th NATO attacked anything that moved and piles of bodies lined the streets.

They told us that the country was liberated. Six weeks later the rebels have conceded that they won't be able to move their headquarters to the capital. The rebels have confirmed - I think it was today - that they won't be able to take Bani Walid and Sirte also remains strong.

So... Gaddafi - mass murderer - hated by his people so much that they would beg NATO to bomb their own country - hated so much that the capital city fell without resistance.

Or NATO - mass murderer, killing the Libyan masses because they would die for their leader just like in Tripoli.

I know which one we have mountains of evidence for.

In fact, there is so much evidence that even the conservative party's own mouthpiece The Telegraph has been unable to hide from it. Amongst their numerous reports showing that the rebels lacked the popular support that Gaddafi enjoys, one article published this week reported what I heard throughout my stay in Tripoli. A resident of Sirte Susan Fajan said, "We lived in democracy under Muammar Gaddafi. He was not a dictator - I lived in freedom. Libyan women had full human rights. It isn't that we need Muammar Gaddafi again, but we want to live just as we did before."

In the same article 80-year-old Mabuka says, "Life was good under Gaddafi. We were never afraid." Again in the same article another elderly lady say, "They are killing our children. Why are they doing this - for what? Life was good before." And yet another says, "Everyone loved Gaddafi and we love him because we love Libya. Now the rebels have taken over. We might have to accept that, but Muammar will always be in our hearts."

The spectacular u-turn of al-Jazeera from being a somewhat critical voice of imperialism's wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine to being an open facilitator of the same aggression against Libya, Syria and even now the progressive nations of Latin America, was perhaps the greatest propaganda trick I have seen in my lifetime.

Co-opting the support of their faithful Arab viewers in the West whose voices garnered particular prominence during the fashionable so-called Arab Spring was an important move in order to get all progressive circles in the West to join in the essential criminalization of Gaddafi when those very circles should have in contrast been elevating the status of the not so fashionable Libyan al-Jama Haria and learning from it.

Now all cards are on the table. Al-Jazeera's Director General Wadah Khanfar has resigned following the release of Wikileaks cables, which revealed he has been taking orders from none other than the CIA. He has been replaced by a member of the Qatari royal family, which has been heavily engaged in the war against its fellow Arab brothers and sisters in Libya.

But despite the role of al-Jazeera being clear as day now it continues to get away with the same tricks of tugging on the liberal heartstrings of westernized audiences with its stories about how people in sovereign states of the global south's greatest tragedy is their lack of Western democracy. Never mind that it has failed in the West. Al-Jazeera's interest in championing this ideology is obviously straight forward - it hosts the US largest military base in the Middle East and they are of course close friends.

Leaving the Rixos Hotel where I had been trapped for five days was the most surreal and probably the worst day of my life. It was a bad day. The safe secure welcoming city full of life and warmth that I had driven through days previously had transformed. It lay in ruins and you could not look in any direction without seeing guns or heavy weaponry. Many people had gone into hiding; had been killed and thousands of others had fled.

And the people that I knew who had remained and had been the very people who had helped me to learn about the glorious recent history of Gaddafi's Libya were inevitably traumatized and in a complete state of shock.

Libya reached a point, as Dan said, of having the highest standard of living in Africa - a high level of literacy; universal health care and free university education; a high status for women in society and the greatest degree of equality for the large black population for the whole of North Africa and the Middle East. Those 40 years of revolutionary achievements have now been reversed.

And for what? A year ago after crippling wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and with a growing economic crisis of the imperialist nations it seems a remote possibility that the West would have the capacity to embark on another costly and embarrassing war. It seems that the hegemony of the West was rapidly on its way out.

But as Gaddafi's close brother Hugo Chavez said in his recent letter to the United Nations General Assembly - "Right now there is a very serious threat to global peace," he said. "... A new cycle of colonial wars, which started in Libya with the sinister objective of refreshing the capitalist global system."

He knows that his country will be targeted in that cycle with the very same model that they used against Libya and are now using against Syria. In the absence of an effective anti-imperialist media that can challenge and preempt the tricks of imperialism through its global media it is the role of all progressive people to champion the sovereign states of the global south who, like Libya and Syria, are a thorn in the sides of the West.

Otherwise they will be picked off one by one to add fuel to the dying fire of imperialism.

And on that note I want to end with my wholehearted thanks to the heroic green Libyan resistance, which continues to amaze the world in their ability to stave off the world's most powerful military machine. As Gaddafi said, not only are they defending Libya, but also Syria, Iran, Algeria, the African continent and the entire global south.

Thank you. "